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Classical Conversations

Intimate conversations with world-renowned musicians, here at the Classical WETA studios.

Classical WETA's on-air hosts interview prominent classical music performers, composers and artists in this series of intimate audio conversations recorded for

Charles Williams

Charles Williams was the Levine School's first executive director.

Risa Carlson

Risa Carlson discusses guitar as a bridge instrument across musical styles.

Risa Carlson

Risa Carlson is the head of the Levine School's guitar department.

Ralitza Patcheva

Ralitza Patcheva discusses building a new community of chamber musicians.

Ralitza Patcheva

Ralitza Patcheva sees the Levine School as a place that embraces students.

Ralitza Patcheva

Ralitza Patcheva discusses her decision pursue a career in music.

Irena Orlov

Irena Orlov teaches her students how to have fun practicing, so they will want to play.

Irena Orlov

Irena Orlov is a master teacher of piano at the Levine School.

Jack Ludwig

Student Jack Ludwig talks about his experiences at the Levine School.

Lois Narvey

Lois Narvey discusses the Levine School's atmosphere.