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David Ginder

David Ginder photo

People in the classical radio business commonly settle into it after exploring related fields—typically music performance and teaching, languages, or similar areas in the arts.  As a boy listening to WONO in Syracuse (central New York State), David recognized early on that he wanted to host classical music on the radio; his piano and cello studies and performances were all stepping stones to that goal.  He grew up in a musical home (where his father’s pipe organ occupied most of the living room), and has performed (since age 7) in recitals, and chamber and orchestra concerts.  His radio work—including hosting, programming, production, and teaching—has been heard by listeners in Ithaca and Binghamton (New York), Harrisburg (Pennsylvania), and Gainesville (Florida). 

Here in Washington at WETA since 1989, David is the weekday morning host, producer of Classical Conversations and Choral Showcase, and VivaLaVoce host.  He beams when musing on music’s ability to both reflect and better humanity, and feels so lucky to be part of this expressive world.  In the rare times when he’s not in a studio or hearing live music-making, David enjoys performances by our planet’s first musicians—birds.