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Super WHY!

Super WHY!

Super WHY! is a 3-D animated adventure series, produced by the creators of Blue's Clues, designed to provide children with the critical skills they need to read.

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Ready to Learn

Ready to Learn - Clifford

WETA Kids' Ready To Learn program offers free literacy workshops, conducted in English and Spanish, throughout the area.

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What's On Now

7:00AMSesame StreetSesame Street
The Flower Show
8:00AMThe Electric CompanyThe Electric Company
Wordball Games
High-Tech Fashion
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WETA TV 26 airs kids programming in the mornings.
7:00AMCiao Italia
Organic Pasta; Pasta Organico
7:30AMHubert Keller: Secrets of a Chef
8:00AMJoanne Weir's Cooking Confidence
Ticket to Provence
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Watching TV
Television & Children

Get answers to the many questions parents and educators have about children and television.

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Upcoming Family-Friendly Events!

Touch a Truck ... Wheels, Wings and Water!
Roanoke County's Green Hill Park
Mount Vernon Nights featuring Alexandria Kleztet live in concert
The Workhouse Arts Center
Muster the Militias Open House Weekend
Dumbarton House
Farm Sanctuary Open House
Star Gazing Farm
AMHS Luncheon Meeting: “Local Italian Artistry-Mosaics, Ceramics & Painting”
Casa Italiana

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