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WETA in Your Neighborhood

WETA CanvassersWETA representatives are visiting neighborhoods throughout the greater Washington region, giving you the chance to support public television and radio in your area by becoming a member or renewing your existing membership.

It's easy to recognize WETA representatives because they:

  • Work in teams and keep within sight of one another.
  • Wear a black, long-sleeved t-shirt or a grey fleece jacket with the WETA logo prominently displayed.
  • Carry an ID card with their name, photograph and contact information for WETA.
  • Carry a WETA binder and clipboard containing WETA news and information.

WETA representatives can accept checks or credit cards, but cannot accept cash donations. For those donors who elect to become monthly contributors, WETA representatives will collect payment and contact information. All information provided to WETA representatives is kept secure and confidential. 

If you have questions about WETA representatives in your neighborhood, please call WETA's Audience Services department at 703-998-2724. 

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