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WETA Extras

Enjoy a sampling of our WETA Extras series below. These on-air vignettes are produced by WETA Television and provide a local perspecive on PBS programs or focus on interesting stories in the Washington area. 

WETA Extras video segments are broadcast periodically on TV 26. You can also watch them online anytime. The videos below are a sampler of some of the topics and features covered by this series. For a full list of WETA Extras, visit our video portal here


National Parks Passport

The capital region is home to one of the highest concentrations of national parks in the country. These special places offer Washingtonians the opportunity to connect with history and nature. 

Joy Boys

WETA takes a look back to the 1960s when "Joy Boys" Ed Walker and Willard Scott ruled Washington's airwaves.

The Jewish Influence on Theater

WETA looks at the influence Jewish Americans have had on Washington's theater scene, from early 20th century nickelodeons and vaudeville playhouses, to modern day theaters like Arena Stage. 

Local Residents at Antiques Roadshow, DC

Local residents Anne Chalmers and Joe Lamountain bring items to be appraised at the Antiques Roadshow taping in Washington, DC.

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