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What's On Now

5:00AM Sesame Street
If Me Had That Wand
6:00AM Caillou
Fall Is in the Air
6:30AM Arthur
Hic or Treat; Mr. Alwaysright
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What's On Now

5:00AM Antiques Roadshow
Atlantic City, NJ
6:00AM History Detectives
Stalag 17 Portrait; Seadrome; Black Tom Shell
7:00AM History Detectives
Civil War Bridge; Scottsboro Boys Stamp; Duke Ellington Plates
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What's On Now

5:00AM Monarch of the Glen
6:00AM Antiques Roadshow
Aberdeen Music Hall
6:30AM Antiques Roadshow
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What's On Tonight

8:00PM Rosemary & Thyme
Sweet Angelica
9:00PM Line of Duty
Episode 5
10:00PM Masterpiece
The Escape Artist
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What's On Now

5:30AM Maya & Miguel
I've Got to Be Mi-guel
6:00AM Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
6:30AM Clifford's Puppy Days
The Halloween Bandit; An Honest Spin
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What's On Tonight

8:00PM The Zula Patrol
Down Under; Singin' in the Rain Forest
8:30PM Maya & Miguel
Rose Is Still a Rose
9:00PM Biz Kid$
A Closer Look at Careers
9:30PM Cyberchase
The Creech Who Would Be Crowned
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Our UK channel offers the best of British television - both classic and contemporary - 24 hours a day! 

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Around Town

WETA Around Town

Get the latest Washington-area reviews and recommendations from our team of noted local art, theater and film critics.

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Pizza in Washington

Pizza in Washington

Explore the "pizza renaissance" taking place around Greater Washington by meeting the chefs and enthusiasts who are passionate about their pies, and be inspired to go out and sample.

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Reviews, previews and inside looks of all your favorite PBS shows

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Get the inside scoop from WETA's TV programming team.

Telly Visions

Telly Visions is about British TV and culture. And your love of it.

Boundary Stones

Local history tidbits from the DC metro area

WETA Productions

The creation of compelling, enlightening programs of great quality and integrity is the essence of WETA’s mission as a public broadcaster.

The War

This landmark film is the story of the Second World War through the personal accounts of a handful of men and women from four American towns. The war touched the lives of every family on every street in in every town in America and demonstrated that in extraordinary times, there are no ordinary lives.

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Local Productions

WETA's local productions highlight the best of Washington, D.C., exploring the people, places and culture of our area.

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National Productions

WETA creates outstanding national programs for PBS that are staples in the national television schedule.

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