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Operation Maneater

There are no upcoming broadcasts of this program in the next two weeks. Check back soon!

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WETA PassportCrocodile

Examine a radical experiment to train crocs to pair the sound of a bell with a shock.

Polar Bear

WETA PassportPolar Bear

Inspect a warning system to deter bears and a controversial experiment to keep them away f

Great White Shark

WETA PassportGreat White Shark

Mark Evans tries to find non-lethal solutions to keep people and sharks safe.


Operation Maneater: Crocodile Preview

Operation Maneater: Crocodile Preview

Namibia’s Chobe River is known as the crocodile attack capital of the world.

Polar Bear Preview

Polar Bear Preview

Inspect a warning system designed to deter bears to keep them away from town. Airs 9/3.