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The story of the rise, rule, and fall of the Eighteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the entire era it encompassed.


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Local Focus: DC - A Model City of Prohibition?

Local author and historian Garrett Peck discusses Washington's history as a "drinking city" and the failed attempted by the Temperance lobbyists to transform it in the Model Dry City of Prohibition. 



Make Your Own Wanted Poster

Is there anything more reminiscent of the Prohibition era than a WANTED poster? Use our tool below to make your own!

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Meet the Bootlegger to Congress

Local historian Garrett Peck and Fred Cassiday profile George Cassiday, who worked as a bootlegger to Congress from 1920-1930. George Cassiday actually had an office in the House office building and supplied both "wet" and "dry" Congressmen before being arrested in 1930. Afterwards, he wrote a tell-all expose for the Washington Post, which helped turn public opinion against the Dry cause.




Prohibition in Washington, D.C. Historical Photos

Learn to Make the Official Drink of D.C.

Watch Columbia Room bartender and mixologist, J.P. Fetherston, demonstrate how to make a Rickey, an "air conditioning in a glass" cocktail that was invented in Washington in the 1880s and recently named the official drink of D.C.