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Alley Cat Studio Presents: Pat Goslee, Sally Kauffman, Lynn Putney

Alley Cat Studio is pleased to present an exhibition of current paintings by Pat Goslee, Sally Kauffman and Lynn Putney. The exhibition explores the line, gesture and painterly compositions of three Washington DC painters. Kinetic energy is at play amongst all of these works, both on their own and in tandem with one another. Goslee’s paintings strike a balance between evolution and entropy. Kauffman fills her canvases edge to edge with decisive energy and gestural expression. Putney’s paintings delight viewers with wit and unusual compositions created through delicate layering and reworking.

Event begins at 3:00PM

Presented by: Alley Cat Studio

Featured Artist(s): Pat Goslee, Sally Kauffman, Lynn Putney

Categories: Arts

Event Venue

Alley Cat Studio

29 Kings Court #6 SE
Washington , DC 20003

For more information:

  • Saturday, November 23, 2013

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