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Film: Leaving

Václav Havel (1936–2011)—poet, playwright, and cherished first president of the Czech Republic—returned to the stage in 2008 with the new play Leaving (Odcházení). He adapted this absurdist comedy, in which an ex-government official tries to reenter his former life, for the screen. As the action unfolds on a rural estate, comparisons to Havel's own life become clear: "Before the 1989 Revolution, I had an idea for a character like King Lear, who loses power. It might have been the influence of the generation of 1968—the people who had been party members . . . after '68 they were thrown out and started to live ordinary lives, and they pretended that they didn’t mind, but in fact they did"—Václav Havel. (2011, Czech with subtitles, DCP, 94 minutes)

Event begins at 2:00PM

Categories: Film, Theater, Arts

Event Venue

National Gallery of Art, East Building

4th and Constitution Avenue NW
Washington 20565

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  • Saturday, November 17, 2012

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