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Eya: Ensemble for Medieval Music presents "The Mirror"

Eya presents an exciting new program devoted to the exploration of the inner human psyche, as reflected in the purity and virtue of the Virgin Mary. Medieval poets and composers were fascinated by the image of the mirror and how it truthfully (and unavoidably) reflects our inner longings, our faults and sins, and our deepest devotions. This program explores the complex dichotomy of vice and virtue with music from a variety of contrasting repertories throughout medieval Europe, including Notre Dame de Paris and the St. Victor Manuscript, Las Huelgas Codex, and sumptuous polyphony from the Worcester fragments.

Eya is especially honored to present a new commission by Michael McCarthy, Director of Music at Washington National Cathedral, featuring an exquisite text which inspired this program.

Crossley Hawn, soprano
Allison Mondel, soprano
Kristen Dubenion-Smith, mezzo-soprano

Event begins at 8:30PM

Featured Artist(s): Eya: Ensemble for Medieval Music

Event Venue

St. Mary Mother of God Church

727 5th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001
  • Friday, November 1, 2013

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