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WETA Television Offers Enhanced Digital Television (DTV) Service

Primetime Programming Expands on WETA TV 26; Four Channels Offer Around-the-Clock Viewing

Washington, D.C. — WETA Television is now presenting an expanded lineup of primetime programming on WETA TV 26, WETA’s primary digital television (DTV) channel. Programming for WETA’s adult viewers is airing every day starting at 9 a.m., providing additional opportunities to watch public television’s finest primetime programs throughout the day.

In addition to digital WETA TV 26, WETA Television presents programming on WETA HD, WETA Kids and WETA Create (how-to programming). These four digital channels — which have been broadcasting for several years alongside analog channel TV 26 — air 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“We’re proud to offer public broadcasting’s best primetime, HD, children’s and how-to programs on our four digital TV channels,” said Kevin Harris, WETA’s vice president and television station manager. “Now more than ever, WETA Television has something for everyone in our community.”

Also effective this month, WETA TV 26 is simulcasting in part with WETA Television’s other channels. Each evening, viewers can enjoy WETA TV 26’s programming on WETA HD, the station’s high-definition channel.

In addition, the 24-hour WETA Kids channel is being simulcast on WETA TV 26 every morning from 6 to 9 a.m., so that parents and children can enjoy public television’s renowned children’s programming on both channels.

Programming on WETA’s analog channel TV 26 is being simulcast with WETA’s principal DTV channel, WETA TV 26, until analog broadcasting ceases with the nationwide transition to all-digital broadcasting.

WETA Television’s digital channels are available over the air (with an antenna) and via cable and satellite providers as follows:
WETA TV 26 (prime-time programming): over the air 26.4, Comcast 26 and 202, Cox 26 and 802, DirecTV 26, Dish 26 and 8076, FiOS 26 and 473, RCN 164
WETA HD (high-definition programming): over the air 26.1, Comcast 220, Cox 726, DirecTV tba, FiOS 526
WETA Create (“how-to” programming): over the air 26.2, Comcast 200, Cox 800, FiOS 474
WETA Kids (children’s programming): over the air 26.3, Comcast 201, Cox 801, FiOS 472

Television viewers are encouraged to prepare for DTV and to test reception early, especially those households that receive signals over the air via antenna. For more information about WETA’s digital channels and the DTV transition, viewers can visit

WETA Washington, D.C., is the third-largest producing station for public television and the flagship public broadcaster in the nation’s capital. WETA productions and co-productions include The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer; Washington Week with Gwen Ifill and National Journal; America at a Crossroads; and documentaries by filmmaker Ken Burns, including the upcoming series The National Parks: America’s Best Idea, airing in fall 2009. Sharon Percy Rockefeller is president and CEO of WETA. More information on WETA and its programs and services is available at


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