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July 21 - 27, 2014 Donate to WETA

This Week on WETA Television

Al Capone: Icon

Was Al Capone the quintessential self-made American man, a ruthless killer, or both? To this day, Americans are fascinated by this celebrity gangster. Capone rose through the ranks of organized crime to rule Chicago's underworld during the Prohibition years. It is believed he ordered the infamous St. Valentine's Day Massacre as well as numerous other murders. He also opened one of the nation's first soup kitchens, fought for expiration dates on milk and wrote love songs to his wife from prison.

Watch Tuesday at 8pm on WETA TV 26 & WETA HD

Learn about Al Capone's connection to Washington, D.C. on our Boundary Stones blog →

Al Capone: Icon

Al Capone: Icon
Tuesday, July 22 at 8:00pm on WETA TV 26 & WETA HD

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My Wild Affair: The Ape Who Went to College

My Wild Affair: The Ape Who Went to College
Wednesday, July 23 at 8pm on WETA TV 26 & WETA HD

This is the incredible story of Chantek, the orangutan raised as a human child on an American university campus during the '70s and '80s. Taught to speak in sign language, he describes himself as an "orangutan person."

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Carol Burnett: Mark Twain Prize

Carol Burnett: The Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize
Friday, July 25 at 8:30pm on WETA TV 26 & WETA HD

In this WETA co-production, comic icon Carol Burnett is honored as the 16th recipient of the Kennedy Center's Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. The program features highlights from Burnett's decades in show business and tributes from some of the biggest stars on television.

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Call the Midwife, Season 2

Call the Midwife (Season 2, Episode 1)
Saturday, July 26 at 8pm on WETA UK

Season 2 opens with Jenny Lee's birthday. The next day she takes on a new patient who's involved in an abusive relationship. In other events, Trixie and Sister Evangelina board a Swedish cargo ship to care for the captain's daughter, who's about to have her first baby.

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The WETA Movie: Slumdog Millionaire

The WETA Movie: Slumdog Millionaire
Saturday, July 26 at 9:30pm on WETA TV 26 & WETA HD

Danny Boyle and Loveleen Tandan's 2008 blockbuster, winner of eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director, follows the life of a poor Mumbai teen who becomes a contestant on the Indian version of game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. Dev Patel and Freida Pinto star.

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Masterpiece Mystery!: Poirot Series 12

Masterpiece Mystery!: Poirot: "The Big Four" (Series 12)
Sunday, July 27 at 9pm on WETA TV 26 & WETA HD

David Suchet returns to the signature role he took up 25 years ago as suave Belgian super sleuth Hercule Poirot. In this episode, he plunges into the world of global espionage in the days leading up to World War II. The public is in a panic after the shocking death of a Russian chess grandmaster, and Poirot must identify the culprit.

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This week's WETA Television schedule

Next Avenue Service from WETA

Next Avenue logoAmerica is about to become home to the largest and most diverse older population in our nation’s history. Next Avenue is a major initiative designed to reach America’s booming 50+ population as they plan for and literally define a new life stage.

Visit WETA's Next Avenue website →

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Thanks to our sponsor: Folger Shakespeare Library

Classical Radio Highlight

The Adkins/Newman Duo on Front Row Washington, Tonight at 9pm

Adkins-Newman DuoTune in to Classical WETA's Front Row Washington tonight as we present a farewell recital by the Adkins/Newman Duo. After thirty-one seasons with the National Symphony Orchestra, violinist Elisabeth Adkins and her husband, pianist Edward Newman, are relocating to Fort Worth, Texas, where she will head up the violin program at Texas Christian University School of Music.

Both have been active participants in the Washington-area music scene for decades, from teaching at the Levine School and Washington Conservatory of Music to performing with the American Chamber Players, and more.

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Flying Saucers Over D.C.

In Case You Missed It

Washington Post Flying Saucer HeadlineAt a quarter to midnight on Saturday, July 19, 1952, air traffic controllers at National Airport saw something very strange on the radar: unidentified objects traveling over a thousand miles an hour and making sharp turns in restricted airspace over the nation's capital.

The FAA initially wrote off the objects as swamp gas but the story hit big when more sightings were reported a week later. The Air Force held a press conference but didn't have much information to share. Was the phenomenon evidence of alien flying saucers? An inventive Soviet attack? Nothing at all? No one was quite sure.

For more on this unique episode in local history, check out our Boundary Stones blog.

Did you miss a program when it aired on WETA Television? Don't fret! Many are now available online, including:

  • WETA Arts: A performance artist makes D.C. his stage, a preview of Wolf Trap performances, and more!

  • Masterpiece Mystery!: Endeavour: Sway: Morse and Thursday grapple with personal travails as they hunt for the Oxford strangler.

  • Time Scanners: Petra: Uncover the construction secrets of an architectural wonderland lost for a century.

Visit the WETA video portal to watch these and many more full-length programs!

Tonight's Primetime Television Schedule

Tonight's primetime schedule

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